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Memory tour

France, land of memory.

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Send your groups to France to commemorate pages of history and to mourn at the graves of those heroes. On June 6, 1944 tens of thousands of American, English, Canadian, Scots and French soldiers landed on the beaches of the Normandy coast to free France from the Nazi stronghold. Thousands of young soldiers died that first day in the name of liberty, the value that makes the greatness of mankind.

France is a land of memory : Verdun and First World War, Normandy and WWII, the Shoah.

The coast of Normandy still has the indelible scars of the epic Landing and of those places full of history who still echo today. Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach. In Arromanches, you’ll see the maritime vestiges of what made the greatest artificial port ever created. All the armored vehicles, trucks, supplies and men came into France through this port. In Caen, the Landing Memorial reminds you the greatness of this titanic operation who gave back freedom to France.