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The pink city

The 4th city in France, situated 2 hours from Lourdes, Toulouse, a city of rich history, is called the pink city because of the red brick widely used for its construction.

The city center is full of important tourist sites: the basilica of saint Sernin (largest Romanesque edifice in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage site), the Capitol square, the cathedral of Saint Etienne (built around 1070), the church of the Jacobins and its cloister, (jewel of the gothic art of the Languedoc region).

Besides the beauty of the capital of the Languedoc region and it proximity to the canal du Midi (World Heritage site), Toulouse is also a high place in Christian history in France.

In 250, Toulouse was marked by the martyrdom of Saturnin (who became Saint Sernin), this being the beginning of Christianity in the region. Later the Cathar heresy troubled Toulouse and was the reason for the Albigensian crusade. The order of Dominicans was well established in the region at the time. In the convent of the Jacobins were the remains of Saint Thomas Aquinas (who died in 1274), placed here in 1365 at the request of Pope Urban V and until the French Revolution in 1789. Toulouse is also a halt on the way to Santiago de Compostela on the “Via Tolonsona”.

This is a beautiful stop on the way to Lourdes.

Famous people

pilgrimage_france_toulouse pilgrimage_france_toulouse