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Cave of Chauvet, Saint Goussaud, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/111_Fotolia_pilgrimage_France_-_Rhinoceros_Chauvet.jpg

Cave of Chauvet

Treasure for humanity

Discovered in 1994, the cave of Chauvet is, along with the cave of Lascaux, one of the treasures of prehistoric art.

There are 420 paintings and embossed engravings of animals such as horses, bison, lions, rhinoceros and mammoths.

The cave of Chauvet is a major site in the history of mankind, revealing how more than 25,000 years BCE man perfectly mastered the very complex techniques such as perspective and giving volume to the drawings. They reveal their capacity to represent abstraction as of the beginning of the Paleolithic period.

Because of the fragility of the mural paintings upon being exposed to air, a replica site, identical, has been created. It allows visitors to discover this treasure that has been listed in 2014 as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

pilgrimage_france_prehistoric pilgrimage_france_prehistoric pilgrimage_france_prehistoric