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Eiffel tower, Paris, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/117_TOUR_EIFFEL_PARIS_FRANCE_VISITE.jpg

Eiffel tower

Metallic jewel

The Eiffel Tower, situated in the center of Paris, in the Champs de Mars park, is the symbol of Paris.

It was built for the 1889 World Fair. At first it was called the “300 meter tower” and then took the name of its creator, Gustave Eiffel. Constructed in two years, two months and five days (sign of the French technical expertise of the times), it was to be torn down once the World Fair was over. Happily, it showed itself to be useful for scientific research (weather station/telephone/radio) and was allowed to stay standing.

Its silhouette became immediately recognizable becoming emblematic of the city. There are more than 6 million visitors each year. It is the most visited monument in France after the cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris.

pilgrimage_france_eiffel_tower pilgrimage_france_eiffel_tower pilgrimage_france_eiffel_tower