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Bateau - Mouche, Paris, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/85_bateau_mouche_web_2.jpg

Bateau - Mouche

Paris from the water

Originally from Lyon, the "bateaux-mouches" were introduced in Paris in 1867 for the world's fair. They were used as a way of transportation between the different spots of the fair.

In 1949, soon after the end of WWII, Jean Brunel, who loved Paris, wanted to give Parisians a festive and worry-free feeling. He knew that the city was even more beautiful from the river.

At the time, the Seine was a river highway transporting people in boat buses. Creative and before his time, he invented steam boats with large windows so that Parisians could take advantage of the views of Paris from the river. The success was such that the name of the company “Bateaux-Mouches” became recognizable worldwide.

Today service is continuous with 9 boats for rides and 6 boats for restaurants. During romantic meals, private receptions or for the discovery of some of the most beautiful views of central Paris, by night or by day, one can see the Eiffel Tower, Concorde, garden of the Tuileries, Orangerie, Saint Louis island, Cathedral of Paris, Louvre…

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