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Arena of Nimes, Nîmes, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/102_Fotolia_pilgrimage_France_-_Arenes_Nimes.jpg

Arena of Nimes

Roman era archeological vestiges

Listed as a Historical Monument, the arenas of Nimes are a Roman amphitheater situated in the French town of Nimes in the Gard region, 1 hour from Marseille.

This amphitheater is now called “the Arenas”. It dates from the 1st century and is one of the best preserved of the Roman world. In this era the Roman Empire was already heavily represented in south-west France. The Coliseum in Rome, completed in 80 AD, probably served as the model for the construction of the amphitheater in Nimes, giving Nimes its very Roman style.

The Arenas, 133m long and 101m wide, have a very large stage, 68m by 38m where 24,000 spectators can be seated.

Today the Arenas are used for a number of shows, with bull fights (corridas) at the time of Pentacost (end May to the end of June) and theater plays as well as concerts during the Festival of Nimes (July/August).

pilgrimage_france_nimes pilgrimage_france_nimes pilgrimage_france_nimes