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Abbey of Cluny, Macon, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/74_cluny_recoupe_1.png

Abbey of Cluny

Majestic romanesque architecture

The abbey of Cluny is situated 24 kms from the city of Mâcon, 4 hours from Paris and 3 hours from Lyon. It was founded in 910 by William of Aquitaine. It was the most influential abbey of its time, the Mother-house for more than 1000 monasteries and it extended its influence over a territory equivalent to all of Europe today. In 981 it received relics of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, giving importance to the abbey church, the largest church in the world until the days following the French Revolution.

At that time, part of the church was demolished and used as a stone quarry. Part of its imposing architecture is still standing, allowing thousands of visitors to discover this site that witnessed 9 centuries of monastic life of the largest western order in the Middle Ages. Among the several buildings left standing, the visitor is deeply touched while visiting of the abbey church. Its Romanesque vaulting is the highest in the world. Since the 1100th anniversary of the abbey in 2010, visitors have benefited from the movies in 3D as well as virtual restitutions that give new life to the majestic edifice at the height of its fame.

Listed with the Historical Monuments, one can reserve the site for receptions, weddings and other occasions.