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Puy du Fou, Les Herbiers, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/96_PUY_DU_FOU_FRANCE_DONJON.jpg

Puy du Fou

Best leisure activity show in the world in 2012

Best leisure activity show in the world in 2012. The park of Puy du Fou, a park of historical shows, is 3 ½ hours from Paris, between Nantes and Poitiers. Its spectacular shows are world renown. Going to Puy du Fou is a change of scenery and a trip through time with the lively productions of the games of the Roman circus, medieval wars, the time of the mousquetaires, the knights of the Round Table, the magic of trained falcons etc.

All started on June 13, 1977 with the chateau of the Puy du Fou in ruins. Philippe de Villiers’s project saved the abandoned building and give new life to the surrounding villages. Starting the following year, 600 villagers put together a sound and light show which was a triumph! More than 800,000 people were thrilled this first year by the show put on by the Cinescénie. The park is improved each year, and now hosts more than 1 ½ million visitors a year. Improvements include musical compositions, financial support for humanitarian projects, enlargement of the stage, laying-out of the park, creation of new shows with waterfalls and special effects, etc. In the park are now thematic hotels, and a school for the performing arts which is known worldwide and has 300 students yearly.

The most important part of the show is the “Cinescénie” and it has become the largest nighttime show in the world with 1200 actors, 6000 period costumes, 60 acre staging area, and 800 fireworks. In 2012 Puy du Fou was awarded in Los Angeles the Thea Classic Award for the best leisure show in the world. Not to be missed!

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