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Circus of Gavarnie, Gavarnie, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/108_Fotolia_pilgrimage_France_-_Cirque_de_Gavarnie.jpg

Circus of Gavarnie

Natural marvel of the Pyrenees

This circus was carved out by a glacier and was listed in 1997 by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

It is situated in the mountain chain of the Pyrenees, 50 kms from the Marian sanctuary of Lourdes.

The natural site is breath-taking. The great French writer Victor Hugo was not wrong: “The most mysterious architecture, by the most mysterious of architects, the coliseum of nature: that is Gavarnie”.

With its summit at 3000 m, the circus of Gavarnie has a 422 meter waterfall. Well laid out for visitors, the site inspires contemplation or discovery on foot. One can go on a 3-hour round trip “family-friendly” trek to the waterfall.

Here are natural wonders of the Pyrenees mountain chain, not to be missed and a good place to go after a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

pilgrimage_france_gavarnie pilgrimage_france_gavarnie