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Carnac Alignments, Carnac, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/105_France_pelerinage_dolmen_carnac.jpg

Carnac Alignments

Dolmens and menhirs

The alignments of Carnac are situated in Brittany on the Morbihan Gulf , 4 hours from Paris and 2 ½ hours from Mont Saint Michel.

These exceptional megalithic alignments of dolmens and menhirs cover more than 4 kilometers, in several sites. The alignments in Carnac are the most famous and the most impressive of this period with nearly 4000 standing stones. They are on the candidate list of UNESCO for listing as a World Heritage site.

The alignments were erected in the Neolithic period by sedentary communities between the 5th and 2nd centuries BCE. By becoming settled these people created death rites by constructing huge tomb sites with giant stones, dolmens and alignments of menhirs. The men knew how to displace heavy stones with logs and cording. Many experiments have shown how with few men the manipulation of these stones was possible. The large menhir at Locmariaquer, 300 tons and 20 meters of granite, is a perfect example of the transportation and lifting of stone.

The alignment at the site of Kermario is the best known and most visited of the alignment sites at Carnac. Found here is the largest of the menhirs. There are 10 lines with a total of 982 menhirs. In order to preserve the site, since 1991, it has been closed to the public in the summer. It is however open in the winter.

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