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Basin of Arcachon, Arcachon, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/103_Fotolia_pilgrimage_France_-_Pyla_1.jpg

Basin of Arcachon

Europe’s most beautiful lagoon

A natural site of exceptional beauty, the basin of Arcachon is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Situated 1 hour from Bordeaux and 5 ½ hours from Paris, in the heart of the forest of the Landes, this lagoon is an incredible ecosystem, offering a variety of possibilities for the tourist.

One must point out the dune of Pilat. It is 109m high and 500m wide and 2700m long, the highest dune in Europe. It gets its reputation from its outstanding dimensions and the exceptional panoramic view that it gives of the forest and the ocean. The ocean, separated from the basin by the point of Cap Ferret, is wild and majestic. Many surfers come here from all over the world to measure themselves against the force of nature.

The peninsula of Cap Ferret, with its luxurious homes “lost in a natural setting”, is a major tourist site. On the basin side the town of Arcachon is a pleasant sea-side town to be visited with its numerous houses in the Basque, Moorish, or Anglo-Chinese style.

In the middle of this exceptional natural geology, are the oyster-farming ports that surround the basin. They are typical of the region and are among the largest producers of oysters in France.

Certainly one of the loveliest tourist stops in France.

pilgrimage_arcachon_France pilgrimage_arcachon_France pilgrimage_arcachon_France