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The abbey of Clairvaux is to the east of Troyes. It has changed purposes several times: from Cistercian abbey to prison and to tourist site. Several monks arrived in 1115 from the abbey of Cîteaux. They worked the land around...
World heritage of the Cistercian monks
Situated north-east of Dijon, the Abbey of Fontenay is one of the oldest monasteries of the Cistercian order. Founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard, it is still intact after eight centuries of history. Harmony, simplicity and sparseness recall the spirit...
Origin of the Trappists
East of Alençon in Normandy is the Trappe of Soligny. All begins with the ship wreck in 1120 in which 300 English nobles die. Among them is Mathilda, daughter of the king of England. Her husband, Rotrou, has built a...
Romanesque pearl of Provence
The Abbey of Sénanque, in the heart of Provence, is in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty, to the east of Avignon. It is here that a community of Cistercian monks has been established for 850 years. As they themselves...
Spiritually anchored in Brittany
Situated west of Rennes in Brittany, 4 hours from Paris, is the Trappist abbey of Timadeuc founded by the Abbey of La Trappe in 1841. It is situated on the Nantes-Brest Canal, in a splendid green natural setting. The monastery...
From the Cistercians to classical music
In the heart of Provence, north of Aix-en-Provence, is the Cistercian Abbey of Silvacane, founded in 1144 by Saint Bernard. The site was unwelcoming and swampy giving it its name “Silva Cana”, forest of reeds. Along with Sénanque...
Remembering Tibhirine
The trappist abbey of Aiguebelle is the same distance from Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble. There are about twenty monks here of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, also called Trappists. Bringing aide to the poor and welcoming those who...
The mother of Cistercians
South of Dijon, 3 hours from Paris and 2 hours from Lyon, the Abbey of Citeaux is the mother-house of the Cistercian Order. There are about 35 brothers here, 30 to 90 years old. It all began in 1098 when...