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Monastic island
Just off the coast of Cannes and Saint Tropez on the Island of Saint-Honorat is the Benedictine abbey of Lérins. In the 5th century, Saint Honorat was drawn by the monastic ideal and founded the community on the island...
Light and peace in Auvergne
In the heart of the Auvergne mountains, south of Clermont-Ferrand is the Abbey of Randol with its community of Benedictine monks. The first monks arrived in Randol in May 1971. This Abbey has relatively recent architecture, in which the community...
Spiritually anchored in Brittany
Situated west of Rennes in Brittany, 4 hours from Paris, is the Trappist abbey of Timadeuc founded by the Abbey of La Trappe in 1841. It is situated on the Nantes-Brest Canal, in a splendid green natural setting. The monastery...
A community of a thousand jobs
An hour to the east from Poitiers and 3 ½ hours from Paris is the Benedictine Abbey of Fontgombault. Sixty monks live here. This abbey was founded in the 11th century by Pierre de l’Etoile. Interrupted in 1741 the Benedictine life...
Haven of peace in Provence
An hour north of Marseille is the plateau of Ganagobie on which was built the Benedictine abbey. Romanesque in architecture, this beautiful monastery is situated at 650 meters above sea level. It overlooks picturesque surroundings in a mantle of greenery in...
Artistic monks
Situated an hour east of Toulouse and 2 ½ hours from Lourdes, the Abbey of Saint Benoit d'EnCalcat has about 60 Benedictine brothers. The Abbey of Saint Benoit d'EnCalcat was founded in 1890. Louis Banquet, priest, and Marie Cronier, lay...
Heritage of Saint Martin
Situated south of the city of Poitiers, the Abbey of Ligugé has twenty monks who live faithfully by the rule of Saint Benedict. The historical heritage of this monastery is extraordinary with Saint Martin settling here in 361 at the request...
Mother-Abbey of the Mont Saint Michel
The Abbey of Saint Wandrille gets its name from its founder. Situated 1 ½ hours north-west from Paris, it is a community of Benedictine monks. In 649 Wandrille and Gond, two monks, received the gift of a piece of land. They...
Solitude and gastronomy
The Trappist Abbey of the Mont des Cats is situated at the Belgian border, 2 ½ hours from Paris The Trappists notably live unto themselves as much as possible. Thus the farm that always is a part of the Abbey fulfills the...
Silence and unity
The Benedictine abbey is situated in Normandy, 2 hours from Paris. For your Catholic pilgrimage in France, come and discover the abbey of Saint-Wandrille ! The origins of the abbey go back to the 11th century. Most monasteries were founded by...
Remembering Tibhirine
The trappist abbey of Aiguebelle is the same distance from Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble. There are about twenty monks here of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, also called Trappists. Bringing aide to the poor and welcoming those who...
“Always standing in the heart of Canigou”
In the mountains near Perpignan and a 4 hour drive from Lourdes, is the beautiful Abbey of the Canigou to which come 35000 visitors each year. The site is exceptional and is worth going to; it has an incredible view of...