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SANCTUARY OF NOTRE DAME DE PONTMAIN, Pontmain, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/53_Pontmain_recoupe_4.png


God will answer your prayer very soon

Pontmain is in the Mayenne, an hour from Rennes, at the border of Normandy and Brittany. This little village is host to a large basilica built after the apparition of the Virgin Mary which was recognized by the Church in 1872.

Pontmain calls one to peace and hope. In January 17, 1871, the Virgin Mary appeared to several children in the presence of the parish community and their pastor, Father Guérin. France had been invaded by the Prussians. For three hours in the sky of the village of Pontmain Eugene and Joseph Barbedette, Françoise Richer and Jeanne-Marie Lebossé contemplated the “Beautiful Lady”, dressed in a blue dress with stars. The parishioners ran to the barn to pray with visionaries. The Virgin moved during the hymns sung by the community and she gave them this message: “But pray, my children. God will answer your prayer very soon. My Son allows himself to be touched.” After three hours, the children said, “It is all over”, and everyone went home with hearts in peace. It took hardly a year for this apparition to be recognized by the Church.

Today the magnificent basilica welcomes pilgrims. One can also visit the parish church, the barn where the villagers came for the apparition, the museum Michel Guérin…The sanctuary proposes many possibilities to deepen the message of the Virgin. More than 200,000 pilgrims come to Pontmain each year.

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