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MISSIONS ETRANGERES DE PARIS , Paris, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/52_MISSION_ETRANGERE_PARIS_FRANCE.jpg


Witnesses of the service to the Churches of Asia and the Indian Ocean

The Foreign Missions of Paris is a community of secular missionary priests in Asia situated very near the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal and the celebrated “Bon Marché” department store.

Born in the 17th century the Society of Foreign Missions is the concrete expression of the missionary spirit of the French secular clergy. Until then it was only religious communities that went abroad to evangelize. For the last 350 years the Foreign Missions of Paris have participated in the evangelization of many Asian countries: Thailand, Viet Nam, China, Cambodia, Laos, Burma…Many have risked their lives in going abroad.

Their story is told in the Room of the Martyrs, a room consecrated to the memory of the Foreign Missions of Paris priests who have died in Asia. Many were canonized, such as Saint Théophane Vénard who translated the Gospels into Vietnamese, and died decapitated. It is truly a sanctuary which can be visited on one’s own. Today the Foreign Missions of Paris continue to send priests to these countries for the rest of their lives. Young men can give a year of their lives helping the Foreign Missions of Paris, and by the witness of their faith in Christ.

Our pilgrimage agency will organize you a meeting with one of the priests of the Foreign Mission of Paris.

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