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Lazarist Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul, Paris, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/51_st_vincent_de_paul_recoupe_1.png

Lazarist Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul

Meet Saint Vincent de Paul

The Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul, constructed to receive the reliquary of the saint, is situated south of the river Seine, in Paris.

Saint Vincent de Paul was born in 1581 and kept throughout his life the concern for the very poor. Ordained a priest in 1600, he brought together several years later the well-to-do ladies of Chatillon-des-Dombes whose mission was to take care of the penniless sick. He also helped slaves and peasants. He was the founder and superior of the community of Lazarists, a group of priests whose apostolic mission is in rural areas. He also founded the community of the Daughters of Charity as well as a Mission seminary from which left many priests for Madagascar. He led many projects for the poor in Paris, up until his death in 1660.

He was proclaimed a saint on June 16, 1737 by Pope Clement XII.

Thanks to this church both pilgrims and priests can come to pray requesting his support in the growth of Faith, Hope and Charity. The Lazarists, also called “mission priests” continue to be missionaries in the country of their calling, giving special attention to those who are in greatest need.

Come and make a stop in this chapel during your religious travel in France.

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