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SANCTUARY OF SAINT BERNADETTE, Nevers, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/44_Nevers_recoupe_1.png


“I will not live one instant that I do not spend in loving.”

Nevers is a town half way between Lyon and Paris. After the apparitions in Lourdes, Bernadette wished to join the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, the Mother House being in Nevers (about 600 kilometers from her home town). She entered into the community on July 7 1866 and lived here discretely for 13 years, far from the demands of the people after the apparitions.

She held several positions: aide to the nurses, in charge of the infirmary, sacristine…Bernadette was often sick. Being intimately bound to the poor and to Christ, she desired nothing other than to never spend an instant that was not spent in loving. As time passed, she became sicker and sicker having to cope with tremendous suffering, physical and spiritual. She confronted these with her weapon, prayer. She put all her trust in the Crucified Christ and took care to never be either passive or turned in on herself.

Today we can com ein pilgrimage in this shrine of France to pray in front of Bernadette’s reliquary, her embalmed body. We can also discover her life in Nevers thanks to the museum, a short movie, spiritual walks in the gardens, or meeting with the Sisters of Charity. These sisters have as their motto: “to have no other work than that of Charity” nor other interests than those of the unhappy.

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pilgrimage_france_saint_Bernadette pilgrimage_france_saint_Bernadette