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SANCTUARY OF NOTRE DAME DE SALETTE, La Salette, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/55_salette_recoupe_1.png


La Salette, an invitation to the joy of a world reconciled with God

Situated at an elevation of 1800 meters in the Hautes-Alpes south of Grenoble, the sanctuary of la Salette is the most visited one after Lourdes.

All began on September 19, 1846 when the Virgin Mary appeared to two children. Maximin and Mélanie were shepherds living in the area. Though they were very different people, they had several points in common. They did not know their catechism or how to read or write. The Virgin first appeared in tears to them, before confiding in them a message of conversion for all people.

Since the time of the apparitions, thousands of people have come. One can better discover the lives led by these children by walking the mountain paths and by visiting the places where they lived. Depending on the weather one can go out with snow-shoes, combining the joy of the mountains and winter sports with a spiritual retreat. A team of priests, monks and nuns is available throughout the year to receive and help everyone who comes to advance in peace and joy. As explains Mgr Guy de Kérimet, bishop of the diocese: “La Salette is an invitation to the joy of a world reconciled with God. The Virgin Mary cries so that, through the conversion of sinners and God’s mercy, a smile will return to faces and that the mountains would be covered in wheat.”

La Salette can't be missed for your pilgrimage in France !

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