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Sanctuary of Ile Bouchard, Ile Bouchard, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/36_ile_bouchard_recoupe_1.png

Sanctuary of Ile Bouchard

For happiness in families

Ile Bouchard, less than one hour from Tours and 2 ½ hours from Paris, is a recent shrine of France, where the Virgin appeared, apparitions recognized by the Church.

In 1947, Jacqueline Aubry, 12 years old, Jeanne her sister, 7 years old, and Nicole Robin, 10 years old went to pray at the church on the way to school. After a Hail Mary, the girls saw the Virgin and the Angel Gabriel kneeling by her. The Holy Virgin spoke with the children. She told them: “I have not come to do miracles but to ask you to pray for France”. On December 9, 1947, with France on the verge of civil war, the situation changed dramatically towards appeasement and peace in just a few hours. This totally unexpected change is directly linked to the apparitions of the Virgin on the Ile Bouchard. This peace that came on France appeased numerous families.

Today, the sanctuary tells of these apparitions, offers retreats for families around the words of the Virgin: “I will put happiness in families.”

It is of course possible to receive the message of peace from the Virgin by coming to pray at the church of Saint Gilles during your Catholic pilgrimage in France.

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