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SANCTUARY NOTRE DAME DE GRACES, Cotignac, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/34_Cotignac_recoupe_2.png


Royal grace

Cotignac, between Cannes and Marseille, smells of sun, lavender and the Mediterranean.

A small village, typical of the Provence region, Cotignac is marked by the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus as well as by that of Saint Joseph. Thus this small village is the only one in the world where the entire Holy Family has appeared!

The shrine of France was born at the time of the apparition of the Virgin on August 10, 1519. As he had done each day, Jean de la Baume, shepherd in the region, began his day with prayer. One day the Virgin told him to build a church at this precise spot so that pilgrims might come in procession to receive the graces and gifts that she wanted to grant them. Over the years the chapel became a sanctuary. It is in the 17th century that the most important miracle happened for the French. It was after the apparition of the Virgin to brother Fiacre that the royal couple, after years of sterility, went on pilgrimage to Cotignac and thanks to their faith, Louis XIV was born. The Queen and her son later came to Cotignac and left several objects, signs of their faith in the Virgin and of the graces received.

Pilgrims today can visit the sanctuary, speak and pray with the Community of Saint Jean, a dynamic renewal community of apostolic brothers and sisters.

Cotignac is a priviliged step for your pilgrimage in France.

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