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House of Marthe Robin, Châteauneuf de Galaure, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/32_Galaure recoupe 1.png

House of Marthe Robin

The 21st century mystic

Chateauneuf-de-Galaure is an agricultural village in the Hautes Alpes, 1 hour south of Lyon. Far from the large tourist sites and the beaches, this village continues to draw many pilgrims who come to the farm where Marthe Robin lived.

Marthe was born in 1902 to non-practicing peasant parents. She became very sick and was bed-ridden at 25 years old with no other outlook for the future, until in 1928 when things changed: “After years of anguish, after many physical and moral ordeals, I dared: I chose Christ.” Her life was transformed and her influence drew many to her. Up until her death, she received visitors in her bedroom. Listening, counseling, praying, in the darkness of the room to protect her eyes, she met several tens of thousands of people. Among these were: bishops, local peasants, reputed intellectuals including the academician Jean Guitton, and politicians… Most of the renewal communities founded in France in the 1970s and ‘80s in France were born in Marthe’s bedroom.

You can come as well and pray in her room, and meet those who knew her and marvel at the joy of the Foyer of Charity, founded by Marthe Robin. The Foyers of Charity are baptized men and women who live a life of community. With a priest, father of the foyer, they spend their time announcing the Gospel through retreats and welcoming as Marthe did: in a family environment and an atmosphere of peaceful silence. It is a place of Catholic pilgrimage in France !

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