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Sanctuary of Saint Anne d'Auray , Auray, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/31_Auray_recoupe_1.png

Sanctuary of Saint Anne d'Auray

Apparitions of Saint Anne

Auray is a town in southern Brittany known for its traditional fishing port and the marvelous beauty of the Morbihan Gulf. But it is mostly known for its sanctuary dedicated to Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary whose apparitions have been recognized by the Church.

The first apparition was at the fountain of the hamlet of Kerlanna, near the present sanctuary in August 1623. After work, Nicolazic, a farmer in the region, took his bulls to the watering place when, along with his brother-in-law Le Roux, he saw a woman, majestic and radiant with light, who smiled but did not speak. Months went by and Saint Anne appeared many times to Nicolazic. During the night of July 25, 1624, she spoke asking him to build a chapel at the precise spot of the apparition. And since that time, other forms of graces and conversions have taken place through the intercession of Saint Anne.

Pope Jean Paul II came to pray at the sanctuary on September 20, 1996 and to confide a message to families during a huge gathering of about 150,000 people. One can pray today at the sanctuary of France, visit the museum of the Treasure, which is overflowing with offerings from pilgrims. These are signs of graces received and of their thankfulness to the saint. Each year a Catholic pilgrimage is organized for mothers of all ages who, after a long trek, come to confide in Saint Anne, she who gave birth to the mother of Christ.

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