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ABBEY OF NOTRE DAME DE LA TRAPPE DE SOLIGNY, Soligny la Trappe, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/27_Soligny_monastere_recoupe_1.png


Origin of the Trappists

East of Alençon in Normandy is the Trappe of Soligny.

All begins with the ship wreck in 1120 in which 300 English nobles die. Among them is Mathilda, daughter of the king of England. Her husband, Rotrou, has built a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the hamlet called "La Trappe", to remember the tragic event. Several years later, he invited monks to establish themselves there and the chapel becomes a Cistercian monastery. At the instigation of Rancé, godson of Richelieu, the Trappe was reformed and become one of the most fervent of the austere and influential monasteries in the kingdom of France. After the exile of the monks in Switzerland and then in Russia due to the French Revolution, the monastic life began anew in Soligny. It founded four Trappist monasteries: TreFontane in Italy as well as Bellfontaine, Timadeuc and Echournac in France.

The Trappists of Soligny work with their hands for the glory of God so as to meet the material needs of their community. They have a store where the products of the monastery are sold. Fruit candies and religious articles made by the monks are their specialties.

During your Catholic pilgrimage in France, our incoming agency in France can organize an encounter with a monk of the community.

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