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ABBEY OF SAINT PIERRE DE SOLESMES, Solesmes, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/19_Solemes_monastere_recoupe_3.png


Mother of Benedictines in France

To the west of Le Mans, two hours from Paris, the Abbey of Solesmes is a community of 60 Benedictine monks. This important Abbey is the Mother-Abbey having founded more than 30 monasteries.

The Abbey owes much to Dom Guéranger. Prosper Guéranger was born in 1805 and loved to walk in Solesmes during his childhood. After his studies in Le Mans, he was ordained a priest in 1827. In 1831 he learns that the Abbey of Solesmes was to be destroyed. The idea comes to him then that he should buy the property so that the Benedictine life would start there again. Along with some friends and with the blessing of his bishop, he settled here. Considering that the buildings were crumbling, that money was lacking, that he had no experience in monastic life, the whole project seemed to be pure folly. But Dom Guéranger continued to be inspired by the spirit of Saint Benedict while making the modifications necessary to bring the Abbey into modern times. After four years, the founder went to Rome. The Holy See established him as responsible for a French congregation of the Benedictine family. His influence lead the brothers to found other houses, in France and abroad, of which one is Sainte Anne de Kergonan in Brittany.

As in the whole Benedictine family, the brothers of Solesmes pray and work. Along with the Sister-Abbeys, the abbey of Solesmes has a store where are sold their specialties: a religious bookstore, sweets, and beauty products that are made or selected by the brothers.

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