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ABBEY OF SAINT WANDRILLE, Saint Wandrille, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/22_wandrille_monastere_recoupe_1.png


Mother-Abbey of the Mont Saint Michel

The Abbey of Saint Wandrille gets its name from its founder. Situated 1 ½ hours north-west from Paris, it is a community of Benedictine monks.

In 649 Wandrille and Gond, two monks, received the gift of a piece of land. They settled there and founded a new abbey, with the blessing of the bishop of Rouen. The community of Saint Wandrille has the particularity of being closely linked to the history of Mont Saint Michel. It is in the 10th century that it offered to one of its monks the foundation of a new abbey on a rocky peak. This monk became the first abbot of the Mont Saint Michel.

Today the monks pray, work, and welcome pilgrims. As said by Saint Benedict in his rule and followed by all Benedictines: “To all the guests we will give them the honor that they are due, especially those who are with us in faith and to pilgrims.” As to work, the same saint said that the monks must live from the work of their hands. To help them with that, the Abbey has a store where the monks sell the crafts of about 30 religious communities, as well as a bookstore, CDs of Gregorian chants, organ and religious music…

During your Catholic pilgrimage to France, our pilgrimage agency in France invites you to live a prayer time with the community of monks at the abbey.

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