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To live the Beatitudes

To the south of Orleans and 1 ½ hours from Paris, the domain of Burtin welcomes the Community of the Beatitudes. Situated in the Sologne region, the site offers a splendid natural setting where families and couples like to come to recharge their spiritual batteries through the retreats that are regularly offered. The beauty of the Byzantine liturgy sung by the members of the community draws those from the neighboring area as well asthose on retreat, the time of a divine office or for several days.

Founded in 1973 in the breath of the Second Vatican Council, this community brings together single people, married couples, consecrated laity and priests, all who share in the community life. This young community is part of the Charismatic Renewal Movement, as is the Emmanuel Community and the Word of Life Community, for example. All began in Montpellier, in the south of France with two couples, friends, who felt the call to live the communal life of prayer and sharing. It is thus today that, together, the members of the community pray, welcome visitors, and announce the Gospel, each person bringing something unique and rich that comes from his/her life-style. The sharing of one’s material means and the intense sacramental life are two essential elements of the daily life of this community. Each person is active in service to the poor and the proclamation of the love of Christ. And each person has continued education in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. During retreats (especially for couples and families), they share the richness of their lessons as well as their experiences of life and prayer in the following of Christ.

During your Catholic pilgrimage to France, our pilgrimage agency in France can organize an encounter with a member of the Community of the Beatitudes.

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