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NOTRE DAME D'AIGUEBELLE ABBEY, Montjoyer, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/1_Aiguebelle_monastere_recoupe_1.png


Remembering Tibhirine

The trappist abbey of Aiguebelle is the same distance from Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble.

There are about twenty monks here of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, also called Trappists. Bringing aide to the poor and welcoming those who wish to take time out in their lives, the brothers continue to live the monastic life preached by Saint Benedict, then by Saint Bernard, founder of the Cistercian Order. They live from their manual labor and the sale of numerous products such as the elixir Alexion made with 52 plants and the Aiguebelle ointment, both made by the monks. They also have a bookstore and the sell religious objects. Characteristic of this abbey is its link to the Monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria, the first 12 monks coming from Aiguebelle Abbey. A small community of brothers lived in the midst of Muslims, maintaining friendly relationships. Seven monks died, martyred, on May 21, 1996. A tree and a memorial are at Aiguebelle so that the martyrs in Algeriabe remembered as witnesses to hope, as well as their Muslim friends, several having given their lives defending their Christian brothers.

During your Catholic pilgrimage to France, come and make a stop to discover the monastery of Aiguebelle !

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