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ABBEY OF NOTRE DAME DE SENANQUE, Gordes, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/18_senanque_monastere_recoupe_1.png


Romanesque pearl of Provence

The Abbey of Sénanque, in the heart of Provence, is in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty, to the east of Avignon. It is here that a community of Cistercian monks has been established for 850 years.

As they themselves will say, “It is the testimony of men brought together by the call of Christ to follow him more closely that gives meaning to the religious edifice”. The Cistercians organize their day around three pillars: the liturgical divine offices, lectiodivina, and work. The offices allow the praise and thanksgiving of God together throughout the day, the preference of God over all other activities, and the realization that even during work that the monks are to be turned toward God. Saint Benedict indicates in his rule: “They are truly monks if they live by the work of their hands.” The brothers of Sénanque are full of ideas: honey, essential oils, numerous products derived from lavender, jams beauty products, and the elixir Alexion of 52 plants, their specialty. Therefore, after the visit of the beautiful buildings, one can then buy the products of the monastery.

Unavoidable place of the religious patrimony in France, the abbey of Sénanque must be a step of your Catholic pilgrimage in France !

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