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ABBEY OF THE MONT DES CATS, Godewaersvelde, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/13_Mont_des_Cats_monastere_recoupe_2.png


Solitude and gastronomy

The Trappist Abbey of the Mont des Cats is situated at the Belgian border, 2 ½ hours from Paris

The Trappists notably live unto themselves as much as possible. Thus the farm that always is a part of the Abbey fulfills the needs of the community. This explains the production of cheese and beer. A large part of the day is for work as it is for prayer, and in a more radical way than the Benedictines. The monastery welcomes pilgrims and those who are searching for God, wishing to share in the offices. A presentation movie can be seen in the store allowing better understanding of their daily life without disturbing them in their quietness and in their work. The products of the monastery are sold as well. The region is known for its beer production. The Trappists have adapted the process and offer their own brand of beer with the name of the Abbey. They produce 180 tons of cheese each year, allowing them to provide for the financial needs of their community.

Come to the trappist Abbey of the Mont des Cats during your Catholic pilgrimage to France to taste the trappist gastronomy !

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