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ABBEY OF NOTRE DAME OF GANAGOBIE, Ganagobie, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/8_Ganagobie_monastere_recoupe_1.png


Haven of peace in Provence

An hour north of Marseille is the plateau of Ganagobie on which was built the Benedictine abbey. Romanesque in architecture, this beautiful monastery is situated at 650 meters above sea level. It overlooks picturesque surroundings in a mantle of greenery in the middle of exceptional natural beauty.

The buildings harbor several treasures of which the 12th century mosaics form a huge embroidery of red, white and black stones unique in France.

Ointments, honey, jams, and beauty products made with natural ingredients are the specialties of this monastery. Work is an important dimension in the life of the Benedictines. It allows for balance in the life of the monks who combine study and manual labor so as to provide for the needs of the community and to, when possible, contribute to projects that they support. Everyone can benefit from the work of their labor sold in their store and as such, contribute to the life of the community.

Our DMC in France can organize a meeting with a monk during your Catholic pilgrimage in France.

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