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SAINT MARTIN OF THE CANIGOU ABBEY, Casteil, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/3_Canigou_monastere_recoupe_2.png


“Always standing in the heart of Canigou”

In the mountains near Perpignan and a 4 hour drive from Lourdes, is the beautiful Abbey of the Canigou to which come 35000 visitors each year. The site is exceptional and is worth going to; it has an incredible view of the surrounding scenery. The ancient Benedictine Abbey todayis run by a renewal community.

In November 1009 the consecration of the Saint Martin Abbey was celebrated. For eight centuries the Benedictine monks lived at the Canigou “preferring nothing other than divine praise” as prescribed by Saint Benedict. The French Revolution created a crisis at this monastery: the old monks having nothing left to live from, were required to abandon the site. It was the fervent Catalan people who allowed the abbey to get back on its feet. In 1988 it was entrusted to the Community of the Béatitudes. The Community fulfills its mission of prayer (and perpetual Devotion), and of welcoming tourists and pilgrims. It is one of the renewal communities born of the breath of the Second Vatican Council and part of the “Charismatic Renewal”. Its members share community life: married couples, deacons, priests, consecrated laity… All live the in same fraternal lifestyle to announce Christ and to praise God, with joy and spontaneity. Through them, following in the footsteps of the Bendictine monks who preceded them, divine praise continues at the Abbey of the Canigou.

Our pilgrimage agency in France can organize an encounter with a monk of the community during your Catholic pilgrimage in France.

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