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ABBEY OF LERINS, Cannes, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/11_Lerins_monastere_recoupe_2.png


Monastic island

Just off the coast of Cannes and Saint Tropez on the Island of Saint-Honorat is the Benedictine abbey of Lérins.

In the 5th century, Saint Honorat was drawn by the monastic ideal and founded the community on the island of Lérina which today has taken the name of the saint. This monastery would rapidly become one of the greatest centers of western monastic tradition in its early years and was responsible for many foundations. The Abbey helped Saint Maxim to grow spiritually as well as other bishops in France (the saint founder too, who went on to become bishop of Arles). The bishops of this Abbey participated in the conversion to Christianity of Provence and several well-known saints spent time at the Abbey of Lérins learning about monastic life. Saint Patrick spent time here before going to evangelize Ireland.

The relationship with the world is illustrated by the Abbey’s position on the island of Saint-Honorat, near the coast but separated by the sea: to be “in the world” without being “of the world”. The brothers enjoy splendid scenery. With its splendid view of the Mediterranean coast and the silence allowing contemplation, this island is exceptional. The Festival of Silence is as well. It offers to people in the movie business to meet with the monks during the Festival of Cannes. They have 3 hours to take the time to talk, to pray, to be in silence.

Our pilgrimage agency in France can organize an encounter with a monk for your group.

If you do a Catholic pilgrimage in South of France, you can't miss this wonderful monastery !

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