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CATHEDRAL SAINT-JEAN , Lyon, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/67_Lyon_cathedrale_recoupe_3.png


In the heart of Old Lyon

The Cathedral Saint Jean is in the heart of Lyon, a city rich in historic heritage. A city of martyrs, such as Saint Blandina, it is also known as the Primatial of the Gauls.

Founded in the 12th century Lyon hosted the First Council of Lyon in 1245, attended by all the bishops of the era. The Second Council was held in 1274. The stones of the cathedral are witnesses to major events in the history of Christianity: the coronation of Pope John XXII, the celebration of the marriage of King Henri IV as well as the hosting of emperors and popes.

The cathedral is today the Episcopal Seat of the diocese and the parish church for the center of Lyon. Visitors can admire its architecture, especially the façade and the central rose window that is more than 8 meters in diameter. Occasionally one is lucky enough to hear the Primatial choir with its 300 singers who pass on to the young the art of singing together, of living together and of serving mankind and the Church through song, and, all the while, searching for God. The quality of their performances goes beyond borders through their travels. The choir of the Primatial of Lyon, created by Charlemagne, has 12 centuries of history.

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