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CATHEDRAL SAINT PIERRE , Lisieux, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/66_Lisieux_cathedrale_recoupe_1.png


Normandy architecture

Lisieux is a small town in the heart of Normandy, one hour east of Caen and south of Le Havre. The Saint Pierre Cathedral was built here in the 13th century, the first religious Gothic monument in the region.

This cathedral is note-worthy for two reasons. The first is for its Normandy Gothic architecture and its square central crossing tower (lantern tower). This is typical to the region and it brings light into the heart of the edifice. The second reason is for its link to Saint Theresa of Lisieux. She came herefor over 10 years as a young girl with her sisters and parents for Sunday mass as well as during the week. She made her First Confession and First Communion here. Her spiritual life grew. The apsidal chapel is set up in memory of this part of Saint Theresa's life and is a place where pilgrims can pray.Reputed for its beauty and its unity, the cathedral was listed in 1840 as a Historical Monument.

Famous people

pilgrimage_france_Lisieux pilgrimage_france_Lisieux