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CATHEDRAL NOTRE-DAME OF LAON, Laon, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/65_Laon_cathedrale_recoupe_2.png


A model for cathedrals

The Laon Cathedral is in northern France, less than one hour from Reims and 1 ¾ from Paris. One of the first cathedrals to be built in the Gothic style, it was the model for the construction of the cathedral of Chartres. Contemporary of the Notre Dame of Paris Cathedral, it has the special feature of having five towers, four levels, and a square central crossing tower (lantern tower) that brings light into the heart of the edifice.

Construction of the Gothic cathedral began in 1150 when the fame of the town was at its height. Powerful ramparts surrounded the town. Laon had flourishing activities around its canonical neighborhood, its several abbeys and parish churches and the royal palace. Built on a hill overlooking the surrounding plateau and protected by a fortified town, the cathedral is well-preserved. The diocese of Laon was set up by Saint Remi, the bishop at the time, and today it is connected with the diocese of Soissons. The cathedral is also a parish church welcoming the faithful for Sunday masses.

You can make a stop at Laon Cathedral, symbol of religious heritage in France, during your Catholic pilgrimage in France.

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