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CATHEDRAL SAINT ANDRE , Bordeaux, http://www.lumen-terra.com/img/lieux/62_Bordeaux_cathedrale_recoupe_1.png


In the heart of the city listed by UNESCO

The Saint André Cathedral is in the historic center of Bordeaux, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Not only is it a cathedral but it is also carries the title of Primatial See (seat of the highest ranking bishop in the province or country) and as such was where several kings and queens were crowned.

The first construction was a Gallo-Roman cathedral built in the 4th century. It was replaced in 1100 by the new cathedral in which king Louis VII married Eleanor of Aquitaine. Here, 200 years later, Bertrand de Goth, archbishop of Bordeaux was elected Pope Clement V. In the 17th century, the parents of the famous Louis XIV were married here. The cathedral has different elements that remind one of the passage of these famous people.

Artists come in the summer for the International Organ Festival of Bordeaux. From Japan, Belgium, Russia, USA, the organists and enthusiasts come from the far corners of the world for this event.

pilgrimage_france_Bordeaux pilgrimage_france_Bordeaux